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Re: [PLUG] Config Files and Steam Engines

I have run against the same problems that you have with the Windows registry.  I totally and humbly agree. 

At the same time, I must also point out two other things: 
(1)  I don't think it's 100% fair to blame the said flaw on the registry.  If I wanted to Write a C or C++ program poorly (you know, storing all data in char[] s), there's nothing stopping me.  I don't see anyone blaming the compiler for this type of incompetence....they blame the programmer.  Why would this not apply to the specific fault that you pointed out?  While there are a lot of things in the registry that can stand improvement, my opinion is that most of the commonly discovered flaws are of the "PEBKAC" nature.  :p

(2)  The overall message that I was trying to get across was that, though it is commonly misused, at lease Windows and OSX provide *some sort* of framework for doing the things that Matthew is describing.  I never said that they were great tools...I simply stated their presence made automation and uniformity an easier goal to achieve.

On Jan 10, 2008 1:09 PM, Dan Widyono <> wrote:
Could you please explain how the Windows registry enforces standard syntax?
If you mean typing, well, you can put anything into a REG_SZ (and many apps
do).  Now what?

One app from Adobe (just as an example) has a date in a REG_SZ, and a name in
another, and an INTEGER(!!!) in another.

Sorry, but the registry is not a good example of improving on standards.
Apparently nothing from Microsoft is.

Dan W.

>    Syntax:
>    this is "property list"), and Windows has the registry.  I've done a lot
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