Jeremy Kister on 10 Jan 2008 21:42:29 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] OT: Comcast & Mail Servers

On 1/7/2008 12:52 AM, Brian Vagnoni wrote:
 > you are currently running a e-mail server on residential Comcast HS
 > they are blocking port 25 on people. So if your mail server suddenly
 > stopped working Sunday morning this is why. There is always port 465

It doesnt only effect email servers -- they're blocking all outbound 
sockets on dest 25/tcp (for me anyway).  I haven't been able to make the 
socket since [at least] 2008.01.06 at 7am EST.

 > asked them what's up and they told me if they detect even one piece
 > of SPAM coming from your connection they will permanently block it.

I just called and "technician #x80" told me that I was personally 
filtered for sending spam, specifically for sending over 100 messages 
per day.  I told her that I was smarter than to accept that, as I was 
clued in by other comcast users on this list who were blanket filtered 
the same day :)  She then said that I'd have to contact the "Comcast 
Customer Security Assurance department" to have the filter lifted.  I 
did, but they're closed, and their mailbox is full, LMAO.

It's of no consequence really.  I signed up for the 2 year triple play 
JUST before Verizon enabled fios in my area.  if they want to change my 
service without proof of abuse, that should get me out of the contact 
and let me go over to verizon.


Jeremy Kister

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