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[PLUG] OT: Old Thinkpad gear up for grabs

Once again, I'm trying to cut down on the hill of *stuff* that I have.

Item #1
I have one old IBM Thinkpad model 770. This was my main machine back around 1999 to 2002.
It's got a 366 MHz Pentium II, IIRC.
32 MB of RAM, on-board, and a 64 MB stick of EDO laptop memory. The stick is an IBM Part,. FRU 10L1313.

It's a little rough around the edges. I dragged it all over the place, and it's got some scrapes.

It boots. The display is dead, reason unknown, but backlight failure was fairly common on these. The external VGA works.
There are a couple of POST errors, I suspect the clock battery is dead.
Swappable DVD drive for same.
Swappable floppy drive for same, with cable for external use

14 GB drive in a cage for swapping in to/out of above. Recently wiped with dban.

This might be good for parts, this might be good for a do-it-yourself vga projector, this might be good to prop up your wobbly desk.

Item #2
Thinkpad 560X. No hard drive, damaged internal HD connector. I don't think that this will boot from USB.
It does boot to the IBM bios.
I have an external pcmcia-based CD drive for it. I also have an external floppy drive for it. You should be able to boot via floppy.
The machine has 96 MB, IIRC, but it might be more or less. Screen, keyboard, etc. were good the last time that this was booted.

Item #3
I have one extra power supply/wall wart that would work with either Thinkpad.

Item #4
I have a Dell truemobile wifi B PCMCIA card. Worked great under linux, back in the day.

Everything is as-is. No guarantees and no $$$.

The first person who agrees to stop by my flat and pick any or all of this stuff can have it. I'm just trying to keep this out of the trash stream. Anything that isn't claimed by Sunday will wind up in a recycling bin.

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