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[PLUG] Lisp preso?

Every time I read Paul Graham, I think I should look into learning some 
Lisp, but so far I have yet to really make a good start.  Is there 
anyone in the group who'd be willing to do an "Intro to Lisp" (perhaps 
similar to the Erlang presos) talk for PLUG West and/or North?

If so, is anyone besides me interested?

What I learned of formal programming is almost 20 years old.  I'm 
top-down, procedural, and I never really "got" this newfangled Object 
Oriented stuff, so that's where I'm coming from.  I've written a couple 
of trivial C programs, with the book in my lap; otherwise I'm bash & 
Perl all the way.  So I'd be interested in something like:

* Why use Lisp
* Lisp and related languages (Scheme, etc.?)
* What's the "best" Lisp compiler for Linux (whatever "best" means) and 
how do we get it (clisp?)
* What's with all the danged ()'s
* "Hello world" from scratch, after installing some Lisp
* How to "think in Lisp" (like, thinking in Perl requires hashes and 
Regexp :)
* A more complicated example than Hello World
* Other?
* What are the best books (I've looked, there aren't many)

See also:

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