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Re: [PLUG] MythTV DVD Playback

On Monday 14 January 2008, Brian Stempin wrote:
> I've purchased a DVI->SVideo dongle for my mac.  If I set the resolution to
> 640x480 (**), everything displays on my TV fine except for DVD playback
> (*).  If I attempt to play a DVD while my Mac is connected to my TV, I hear
> sound, but I see a blue screen.  If I play the same DVD while the unit is
> connected to a computer monitor (running at the same resolution, mind you)
> the DVD shows up.  However, the DVD image is should have
> black bars above and below it.  Instead, the image is zoomed, pushing parts
> of the image off of the left and right hand sides of my monitor.
> (1)  How do I get rid of the blue screen when using my TV as a display?
> (2)  How do I correctly resize the DVD playback?

While I'm not too familiar with that particular hardware, consider that this 
might be happening either due to a hardware issue or incomplete drivers.

That blue screen is most likely the "video overlay" (sort of like a "green 
screen" used for special effects), used to offload the DVD playback from the 
CPU to a dedicated DVD-decoder on the video hardware.  Many cards only allow 
use of the overlay on one screen (usually the first), which would cause 
problems when playing DVDs on a multi-head setup.

It might be possible to eliminate this problem by somehow disabling the 
hardware DVD decoder and using the CPU, or possibly by fixing the driver.

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