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Re: [PLUG] speaking of KDE4.....

On Saturday 19 January 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> I could search my high-volume kubuntu-users folder for links if you need
> them, but my understanding is that konqueror-kde4 is a web browser only. 
> If you use it for file management, you are really only using an embedded
> dolphin.part.

I don't know what Ubuntu did, but Konqueror works just as it did before here.  
In KDE 3, you were using the kfile part, KDE 4 uses the Dolphin part, which 
is kfile with the addition of the category view and significant code cleanup.

> Konqueror 3.x is IMO the best reason to use KDE.  A mid-quality web
> browser, but a fantastic file manager and other cool stuff (like fonts://
> smb:// audiocd://, etc.).  Dolphin uses more screen space than the crippled
> tasks it performs warrant.  I am truly puzzled as to why it is considered
> an improvement.

I personally use Konqueror and am not likely to switch to Dolphin.  The KIO 
facilities, however, should still be there in Dolphin, since the only real 
change is the UI.  The KDE project was responding to many complaints that 
Konqueror was too complicated for many people, so they made dolphin to be 
the "simple" file manager while leaving Konqueror to be the file manager 
for "advanced" users.  Both are there, so no functionality is lost, and both 
share the same infrastructure, so it's not wasted effort.

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