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Re: [PLUG] speaking of KDE4.....

On Saturday 19 January 2008 13:26:21 Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> On Saturday 19 January 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> > I could search my high-volume kubuntu-users folder for links if you need
> > them, but my understanding is that konqueror-kde4 is a web browser only.
> > If you use it for file management, you are really only using an embedded
> > dolphin.part.
> I don't know what Ubuntu did, but Konqueror works just as it did before
> here. In KDE 3, you were using the kfile part, KDE 4 uses the Dolphin part,
> which is kfile with the addition of the category view and significant code
> cleanup.
> > Konqueror 3.x is IMO the best reason to use KDE.  A mid-quality web
> > browser, but a fantastic file manager and other cool stuff (like fonts://
> > smb:// audiocd://, etc.).  Dolphin uses more screen space than the
> > crippled tasks it performs warrant.  I am truly puzzled as to why it is
> > considered an improvement.
> I personally use Konqueror and am not likely to switch to Dolphin.  The KIO
> facilities, however, should still be there in Dolphin, since the only real
> change is the UI.  The KDE project was responding to many complaints that
> Konqueror was too complicated for many people, so they made dolphin to be
> the "simple" file manager while leaving Konqueror to be the file manager
> for "advanced" users.  Both are there, so no functionality is lost, and
> both share the same infrastructure, so it's not wasted effort.

Not according to this article.

I installed KDE 4, and to me, it feels and acts like a prettier gnome.  If I 
wanted gnome, I could just use gnome.  If I wanted pretty gnome, I could 
install compiz.

One thing I have noticed about good computer stuff, hard and soft, is that 
when I dip a toe in just to see what its like, I rarely go back to what I had 
used before, no matter how comfortable and familiar.  I installed KDE 4 about 
a week ago have used it twice, for a total of a half hour, maybe,  I am 
hoping it gets better before KDE 3.x is dropped.

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