James Barrett on 19 Jan 2008 14:14:43 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] One True OS

On Sat, Jan 19, 2008 at 03:58:27PM -0500, Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> Considering how little of the current setup seems to actually work, it would 
> appear he really is being hired to perform a ground-up revamp, essentially 
> starting from scratch.

I was hired to troubleshoot, fix, maintain and support the network and 
computers in the lab and throughout the building.

> It's important to note that this is not being done on a volunteer basis, but 
> that James is actually being employed to do the work.


> It's a very real concern.  From what James is saying though, there students 
> and staff really don't do much of anything beyond web, email, and producing 
> documents.

They also have software for actual learning, too.

> No, of course Linux is not magical fairy dust.  This kind of thing can *only* 
> be done under a specific set of circumstances, but it appears that this 
> situation really would fit.

I /might/ be able to put Linux on _one_ machine one month before the 
beginning of summer and see if they notice.  "Hey, this one doesnt crash 
and it's faster than before!" will probably be the first reaction.  

> > What these schools need is a real _comprehensive solution_ that
> > addresses all their needs and pain points. Just sticking Linux in the
> > lab is only going to make his life harder because he'll have more
> > complexity to try to manage.
> Yes, they do need a comprehensive and maintainable solution, which is anything 
> but what they have now.  If set up correctly, this new infrastructure really 
> would make their lives easier.  If it's a pile of hacks, shell scripts, and 
> half a ball of twine, then it will be a nightmare.  I trust James will be 
> able to put something that meets their needs in place, particularly since he 
> has access to a large number of skilled and experienced admins right here.

I still think a full Linux migration is the wrong way to go right now.  
By the beginning of the summer that might change, but I do not pretend 
to know the future.  Right now I will continue to concentrate on 
resolving network and support issues.

James Barrett

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