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Re: [PLUG] One True OS

On Saturday 19 January 2008, James Barrett wrote:
> (Mind you, he is 81 years old and was previously never online.)

Yeah, the best thing about my situation is that he uses this machine quite 
literally as the cornerstone of his home business.  He is terrified by the 
very possiblity of downtime, data loss, or tools that aren't up to his needs.  
He is an *extremely* heavy MS Office user, using all sorts of crazy features 
that not even MS knows about (not an exaggeration), so he still has to use MS 
Office in Crossover.

He actually never intended to switch to Linux until the pre-installed version 
of Norton rendered his machine completely unbootable, since he had seen the 
tumult caused by me putting Linux (Lycoris, way back when) instead of Windows 
on my sister's new machine.  Only when I used a livecd to save his data (and 
several unsuccessful attempts to restore the OS) did he get desperate enough 
to try using Suse.  After having me sort out all the incompatibilities, 
differences, and other quirks, he grew to like his new system and even prefer 
it to what he had used before.  Later versions of Suse started having major 
problems, so I switched him over to Debian, which he finds greatly 

Still, he and I both acknowledge that if I were not here to help him, he would 
not be capable of running Linux.

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