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Re: [PLUG] The One True OS, migrating to

off-topic: IANASA sounds a lot better when saying the acronym aloud than IANAL does.

brian, there's a simple solution, really- DO IT RIGHT FROM THE START. ; ) i know this isn't always possible, but why go around looking for trouble? trouble will always find you- why try to get twice the amount of work?

(as matthew said- why trade a proprietary M$ mail for a proprietary *nix?)

the smartest thing is to look for a position/contract you'd fill (granted, a pure myth- no such thing as perfect), rather than trying to make a position/contract bend towards what you WANT it to be. goals are easier to achieve/"make" if you're closer to the goalie when you hit the puck. :)

plus, it's a sad fact but a LOT of corporate environments out there are ALL about CYA nowadays. you'd be better off saying "look, M$ is unstable. i can work on migrating you to a gnu/linux server, which is more stable, but it'll take time. or you can wait for your server to go down in flames and lose your business." you've let them know that their current system is unstable (which it is).

chances are if they have an M$ box there doing their mail in the first place, they will be VERY VERY reluctant (dare i say "completely against") the idea of switching over to a linux box. personally, i call this a classic example of Stockholm Syndrome, but eh. :)

lastly, if they're doing a 6000 mailbox migration (does that include user accounts too or is it something like a mail hosting company?), i highly doubt they're going to have one admin do that. for a windows -> linux box for one sysadmin, that's unrealistic if you ask me.

On Jan 19, 2008 7:40 PM, Matthew Rosewarne <> wrote:

Some of these things sound like you're looking for far more than just a mail
server.  Have you looked at all at Kolab Groupware?  I'm not a sysadmin
(IANASA?), but it sounds a bit to me like the sort of thing you're
describing.  Also, you can connect Outlook to it with a proprietary plugin.

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