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Re: [PLUG] Compiz Question/speaking of ATI drivers..

Did you get dual head with the free ati/radeon drivers or the proprietary fglrx drivers? I've been struggling to get dual-head going for a day or two with fglrx. I can't even get clone mode with them, I can get clone with vesa, but that's no good at all. If you've gotten even close to dual head with fglrx could you  post or email me off list your xorg.conf?

On Jan 18, 2008 10:34 PM, jeff <> wrote:
as part of my forced migration from Win, I have some bizarro dual head
ATI Radeon Ridiculous Radiation card with a cute little fan and pretty
stickers on it.

Ubuntu had no problem installing at all.  I believe it went right to
VESA (and never collected $200).  The *real* fun started when I
attempted to actually MAKE it run dual head.  After install I had
dual-mono monitors, meaning that I got the same image on both.

Someone online suggested using the flgrx(?) drivers.   I trod lightly,
first just getting the card to recognize the monitors, which it didn't
(and wouldn't).  I manually set the monitors, hit TEST, and *poof* Black
Screen of Death (nothing at all - nada - non).  It never came back after

After putzing around with xorg.conf and rebooting a lot, I got back to
dual-mono.  I located the ati driver (a real feat if you've never messed
with this before), said a prayer to Hendrix, and let her rip.

POOF - two separate monitors!

Only something wasn't right.   My main monitor was off in the resolution
department.  In spite of the fact that I set the proper name, it was
bleedin' *huge*.  Went into the graphics section and set it right, with
predictable results (no video).

Back to xorg.conf.

But wait - there's also an aticonfig program, which yielded similar results.

I believe I've located a bug.  It could be in ati, Ubuntu, their
interaction, or my cranium - I don't know yet.  It seems that Ubuntu has
the monitors backwards.  I told it to put #2 to the left and that it was
an M990.  In xorg.conf, my main monitor claimed it was an M990.  It
looked like I'd provide a value, then the software would roll the
internal dice, trying to decide which monitor to throw that number at.

I lacked the patience to scream at it further, plus I did have a
smattering of actual *work* to do.  I'll have another go at it tomorrow.

I spent less time configuring xorg by hand at home, but I wasn't using
proprietary drivers.

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