Jonathan Bringhurst on 2 Feb 2008 13:08:55 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] I'm Convinced To Try Ubuntu

Hey Bill,

I just figured I'd mention that I often use the term Ubuntu to say
what linux distro I'm running. However, I usually use Xubuntu in
practice. I think most people will refer to the family of Ubuntu
products (Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntu, etc) as just "Ubuntu" to simplify
things since they're basically the same thing with a different
*-desktop package installed. It also helps those new to linux, since
there are quite a few people who may have heard "Ubuntu" in passing
and aren't familiar with all of the variations.

In short, you're not likely to start a war over what variation of
Ubuntu you use. Of course saying *this* might start a war however. ;)


On Feb 2, 2008 3:25 PM, Bill Diehl <> wrote:
> OK, folks, you convinced me to try Ubuntu.  Now I hope this does
> not spark a war over which derivative of Ubuntu is best, since
> Xubuntu looks to be of most interest to me at this time.
> My Athlon 1.2GHz T-Bird with 512MB RAM should handle any
> derivative of Ubuntu - I just don't want unnecessary clutter and
> overhead on my computer (geez, if I wanted that I would upgrade
> to XP or Vista, right?).
> I may be stubborn and attached to my current configuration but I
> have also learned to let go when it makes sense to do so.  So, I will
> abandon my favorite boot commander and allow GRUB to take
> over for boot loading and abandon my Debian install (for now).
> It may take awhile until time allows to repartition my hard drive and
> install Xubuntu.  I do hope that it will allow me to remove what I
> don't want and install what I do want (which is the main reason I
> chose Debian).  But at least now I know where to go for help
> if/when I really get stuck on something - right folks?
> Thank you for your persistence in pointing me in a more sane
> direction.  I look forward to finally using Linux, rather than struggle
> with it.  In time, I will learn what I need to know and enjoy the
> experience.
> With Gratitude,
> Bill Diehl
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