Bill Diehl on 23 Feb 2008 19:40:49 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

Thank you for all of the wonderful publication suggestions - I shall 
review them all.

I agree that I will most likely find specific answers via HOWTOs and 
online searches.  Having worked with DOS and Windows for 20+years, it 
was easy to find reference books that covered most of what a beginner 
end user would need plus intermediate level topics without getting too 
technical.  I like to know a bit more besides "what to click on" 
without getting too technical.  Right now I am just trying to find my 
way with Linux and have to grasp some new concepts.

The O'Reilly Cookbook series looks like good reference materials.  I am 
sure that over time I will be able to expand the references and 
resources I can use as the learning curve levels off a bit.  My basic 
goal at this point is to get my Debian system fully operational so I 
don't need to use Windows - that means file and printer sharing with 
the other 2 Win98SE machines (our computers are too old to run XP and 
I'd like to abandon MS products all together, if possible).

After I am more comfortable with Linux/Debian/Etc. I will most likely 
install Kubuntu on the other 2 machines.  When I get a "test" machine, 
I'll be able to play with some of the distros to become more familar 
with how they install and configure.

I guess I'll be busy for awhile sorting through and applying all of your 
great suggestions.  Having access to communities like this is another 
aspect that I like about Linux.  You all are appreciated.

Thanks much,
Bill Diehl
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