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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

On Saturday 23 February 2008, Bill Diehl wrote:
> I agree that I will most likely find specific answers via HOWTOs and
> online searches.  Having worked with DOS and Windows for 20+years, it
> was easy to find reference books that covered most of what a beginner
> end user would need plus intermediate level topics without getting too
> technical.  I like to know a bit more besides "what to click on"
> without getting too technical.  Right now I am just trying to find my
> way with Linux and have to grasp some new concepts.

You might have some luck with some of the Linux-oriented magazines you can 
find at most larger bookshops.  Different magazines are geared towards 
readers with different levels of experience, so read a few of them to see 
which ones are the most helpful.  In addition to the help they contain, they 
also have reviews of recent Linux-related books.

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