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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

On Saturday 23 February 2008 16:18:21 JP Vossen wrote:
> > Some of the O'Reily books looked useful and interesting but few for
> > Linux newbies.  Any suggestions from any publisher for getting
> > networking with file and printer sharing set up via Debian through a
> > wired router connected to 2 Win98SE machines?
> I am a big O'Reilly fan (and author), and I almost never "stray," so
> I'll only speak to them.  I also haven't been a Linux newbie for a long
> time, and I haven't followed "intro" books, so take my advice with some
> salt.  Unless otherwise noted, I own and have read all of the books I'm
> talking about.
> _Running Linux_ was a great intro to Linux book last time I checked, but
> it looks like the 4th edition was 2002 and is out of print.  Grrrr.  See
> below for my answers to your other points.

First, I agree with those that said your specific questions are best answered 

But if you are looking for books, I know that Barnes & Noble (at least the 
Willow Grove store has about 3 shelves of different stuff devoted to Linux 
(not counting database topics).  

Unless you know what title you are looking for, its better to shop retail (vs. 
online) where you can physically grab an armload, and browse them over a cup 
of coffee and find out which one works for you.  Pick a few topics, use the 
indices, and see which ones address the issue on a level that works for you.  
You can't do that shopping online.

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