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Re: [PLUG] Tech Book Publishers & Book Suggestions?

--- Art Alexion <art.alexion@verizon.net> wrote:

> But if you are looking for books, I know that Barnes & Noble (at least the 
> Willow Grove store has about 3 shelves of different stuff devoted to Linux 
> (not counting database topics).  
> Unless you know what title you are looking for, its better to shop retail
> (vs. 
> online) where you can physically grab an armload, and browse them over a cup 
> of coffee and find out which one works for you.  Pick a few topics, use the 

I was in the B&N in Plymouth Meeting a bit ago and the selection of
Linux books was tiny, a few small shelves maybe.  I seem to remember a 
few years ago there being tons of Linux books there.  Maybe everyone is
buying on line and the retail stores are not carrying them anymore.

Way back, I haven't been there lately, Borders downtown used to have a 
good selection and so did Microcenter in Villanova, but I haven't looked
there lately either.  

It is nicer to browse through a book before buying, I agree.

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