jeff on 26 Feb 2008 21:14:43 -0800

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[PLUG] only semi OT: Vonage and QOS

I've had Vonage for a few months.  I'd rate it nearly perfect, if it 
weren't for the constant dropouts (aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how was 
the play?).

I'm working my way through their troubleshooting tips and was wondering 
if anyone else was experiencing this (feel free to answer privately).

My path is cable modem, Sonicwall/switch, Vonage.  I enabled the QOS 
guaranteed bandwidth in the Sonicwall.  No change.  I ran the computers 
through the Vonage box - no change.  I opened whatever specific ports 
were necessary per Vonage - no change.

Their final recommendation is to move the box out past the Sonicwall. 
Oh yeah, if you have a VPN, this won't work.  I have a VPN.

The dropouts show up with virtually no network traffic and only get 
worse with traffic.

Am I missing something?

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