Robert Spangler on 27 Feb 2008 15:26:00 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] only semi OT: Vonage and QOS

On Wednesday 27 February 2008 00:14, jeff wrote:

>  I've had Vonage for a few months.  I'd rate it nearly perfect, if it
>  weren't for the constant dropouts (aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how was
>  the play?).

I've been using Vonage for over a year now and have found no issues with it.

>  I'm working my way through their troubleshooting tips and was wondering
>  if anyone else was experiencing this (feel free to answer privately).
>  My path is cable modem, Sonicwall/switch, Vonage.  I enabled the QOS
>  guaranteed bandwidth in the Sonicwall.  No change.  I ran the computers
>  through the Vonage box - no change.  I opened whatever specific ports
>  were necessary per Vonage - no change.

My setup:

Internet <> CableModem <> VonageRouter <> LAN Firewall <> My Network

>  Their final recommendation is to move the box out past the Sonicwall.
>  Oh yeah, if you have a VPN, this won't work.  I have a VPN.

When you say VPN are you talking incoming or outgoing?  Outgoing I have no 
problems.  Incoming I haven't tried, but it could be that Vonage is using the 
same port.

>  The dropouts show up with virtually no network traffic and only get
>  worse with traffic.

I would really think about moving it to the outside of your firewall.  It 
could be that ports they are trying to use aren't getting to the Vonage 



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