JP Vossen on 26 Feb 2008 22:11:15 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] only semi OT: Vonage and QOS

> Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008 00:14:45 -0500
> From: jeff <>
> Subject: [PLUG] only semi OT: Vonage and QOS
> I've had Vonage for a few months.  I'd rate it nearly perfect, if it 
> weren't for the constant dropouts (aside from that, Mrs Lincoln, how was 
> the play?).
> I'm working my way through their troubleshooting tips and was wondering 
> if anyone else was experiencing this (feel free to answer privately).
> My path is cable modem, Sonicwall/switch, Vonage.  I enabled the QOS 
> guaranteed bandwidth in the Sonicwall.  No change.  I ran the computers 
> through the Vonage box - no change.  I opened whatever specific ports 
> were necessary per Vonage - no change.

What ports?  I haven't looked in well over a year, but at the time I 
found nothing useful on the Vonage site or the web as to what was really 
needed.  I finally just ran it for a few days with logging and fiddled 
it from there.

My Vonage adapter is the only device on a cross-over cable on it's own 
firewall interface, with incoming UDP NAT/rules as follows and outgoing 
from that segment wide open (where vonageext is an alias to my devices IPA):
Prot	Src	Port	Dst		Port		Desc
UDP 	*  	*  	vonageext  	10000 - 20000  	NAT Incoming Vonage ports   	
UDP 	* 	* 	vonageext 	69 		NAT Incoming Vonage TFTP (update) port  	
UDP 	* 	* 	vonageext 	65535 		NAT Vonage VoIP adapter (not sure this is 

> Their final recommendation is to move the box out past the Sonicwall. 
> Oh yeah, if you have a VPN, this won't work.  I have a VPN.

Also, at least for me, every time they flash the box it resets to 
default, killing my incoming SSH NAT.  NOT cool.  NOT acceptable.

> The dropouts show up with virtually no network traffic and only get 
> worse with traffic.

The only problems I've ever had, running on both Comcast and FiOS 15/2 
are switching issues at the Vonage server end (i.e. the number I dial 
isn't the number I get connected to).

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