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Re: [PLUG] gee-whiz visualization ideas?

five minutes on youtube searching for "compiz" will generally give you
really good ideas of how neat things can look.

if you're using ubuntu gutsy, it's pretty much integrated in-branch. if
you're doing it by hand, you'll have the newer eye candy, and you'll
have more control, but it'll take a bit more of an effort.

my personal faves are 3d cube (it's really just so super-easy) and 3d
windows. wobbly/stretchy windows are also a huge plus, since you can
pull the corner of a window down to check on, say, a shell session
behind it without too much movement of the mouse (or taking your hand
off the mouse to cycle to the window, etc.)

rmsolino wrote:
> I'd like to setup a snazzy looking box to impress folks who tour our 
> office. (I'm thinking compiz, but I'm open to suggestions)
> I don't want to cherry-pick a bunch of parts from various sources, I'd 
> prefer to find something integrated that can deal.
> Also, bonus points if you can suggest mpeg/animation/graphing stuff to 
> play with, as well

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