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Re: [PLUG] Perl introduction

Walt Mankowski wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 05, 2008 at 05:00:22PM -0500, brent saner wrote:
>> 2. OMG, WTF is TIMTOWTDI? (acronyms intentional)
> There Is More Than One Way To Do It
>> well, it's not that they don't meet my needs. the problem with
>> O'Reilly books is that they're very excellent books, but one tends to
>> outgrow them very fast; they sort of lock you in at a certain level
>> without fully encouraging analytical processing (which is really the
>> whole point of perl ;)
> I'm not sure what you mean by "analytical processing".  Isn't the
> point of any programming language to facilitate writing programs to
> solve problems?
> Walt

i meant moreso the perspective of the scripter, not the script. heh

when i say "analytical processing" i meant in terms of "grok, not grep"-
processing with your brain, not with your cpu. and the point of perl, i
think, is really all about harnessing the potential of a scripting
language in the most efficient yet flexible way possible. not making any
comment on how well perl accomplishes this (FWIW i think it does a
rather fair job), but i just feel that's one of the main tenets of

thank you all for the excellent resources!

Brent Saner

Bill Gates is to hacking as Sid Vicious was to the Sex Pistols:
no talent, everyone hates him, and he's just in it for the fame and money.

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