James Barrett on 6 Mar 2008 03:50:32 -0800

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Re: [PLUG] [plug-announce] March 5th, 2008 - "Parallels Workstation and other virtualization technologies"

It was my honor and privilege to have been given the chance to present 
to the PLUG community yet again.  Thanks to everyone who showed up last 
night.  You guys could have had a PLUG meeting without me, but I 
couldn't have had one without all of you.

If anyone wants to check out slides, they are available at 
http://jadoba.net/PLUG/jadoba-virtualization.pdf for anyone who wants to 
take a peek.

And thanks to everyone who asked questions.  I hope that my conceptual 
art idea rubs off on someone.  If you didn't catch the concept, it was 
"Images that people would not normally put inside of picture frames".

James Barrett

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