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Re: [PLUG] web file transfer app ("FTP frontends")

I had several of my customers use the fireftp extension to firefox.

Is this the kind of IF you're talking about?

You might have to do "a bit" of training for them but after that it's really easy.


Chad Waters wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm looking for a web app to facilitate occasional file transfers to
> and from business partners. Partners would need their own accounts
> with upload and download privileges. Basically I looking for the
> functionailty of FTP in an easy to use interface.
> Security is a high priority (as much as it can be in this situation),
> so the app must be actively maintained. A web application would be
> preferred over a standalone daemon, so I could serve it on Apache
> /SSL.
> I found these on a quick search and are good examples of what I'm looking for:
> Does anybody have experience with these or something similar?
> -Chad
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