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Re: [PLUG] Business FiOS and routers

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Matt Ayres wrote:
| I know this is completely not what you asked for, but check out Juniper
| Netscreen SSG series.  They run between $500-700 and include a whole
| of features including VPN/IPSec, anti-virus, anti-phishing/spyware,
| anti-spam, DoS mitigation, and Intrution Protection (IPS) at the
| firewall level.
| Tom Diehl wrote:
|> Hi all,
|> I have a small dilemma, I have been running a WRT54GL running
openwrt for a
|> couple of years. Last year I upgraded to 5x5 business FiOS. This
worked fine
|> until yesterday. Yesterday I found out that Verizon is offering
15x15 FiOS
|> for $70.00/mo less than I am currently paying for my 5x5
connection. So I
|> suddenly found that I need to upgrade. :-) The problem is that the
|> ports on the WRT54GL are only 10 meg and I now have 15meg FiOS and
I would like
|> to have access to the full bandwidth. So I am now in the market for
a new small
|> low power consumption machine that I can put 4 or more 10/100 Nics
in and will
|> run some Linux distro. I am currently looking at Mini-itx and
|> solutions but I am wondering if anyone has any other recommendations?
|> Regards,
|> Tom

now would also be a good time to mention Untangle. i don't like it
because of the java and how system-heavy it is (and i really don't
need a GUI), but it may be perfect for you- i really like it for what
it's trying to do; i feel they do a good job. a pretty mature product.

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