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Re: [PLUG] Hardy Heron

On Monday 17 March 2008 14:23:49 Chad Waters wrote:
> >  Would you use Hardy — gnome or kde — in production (with a backup
> > machine just in case) or wait?  I would normally say "no" without
> > hesitation except I put Gutsy on a test machine at Tribe 3 and never used
> > Feisty again.  If its that good, I'll do it again.
> Well, I'd hesitate to tell anyone to use development releases:
> Would I use it on MY workstation?: yes, and my other machine (the
> exchange client) is there as a backup.
> Would I use on it something critical?: no.
> If you choose to run it, please release something can always go wrong:
> There was a nasty libc6 upload just last week (its resolved now):
> Firefox 3 isn't quite ready (issues with plugins). Firefox 2 is there
> as an alternative, though.

I guess I was a bit off saying "production"; this would be one of the 
computers I use at work with a KVM switch. I have different distros 
(including winXP) on them and use each for those tasks for which it is better 
suited.  Everything CAN be done on one of the other machines but works better 
on one in particular.

I remember a gutsy xorg-xserver-core update that broke i810 video.  I had to 
keep an old version around and reinstall it after every upgrade to avoid a 
big black stripe across the screen. I guess it wasn't as smooth as I 

Are both versions of firefox installed or do I have to do something?

Thanks for this insight.

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