Chad Waters on 17 Mar 2008 11:23:55 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Hardy Heron

>  Would you use Hardy — gnome or kde — in production (with a backup machine just
>  in case) or wait?  I would normally say "no" without hesitation except I put
>  Gutsy on a test machine at Tribe 3 and never used Feisty again.  If its that
>  good, I'll do it again.

Well, I'd hesitate to tell anyone to use development releases:

Would I use it on MY workstation?: yes, and my other machine (the
exchange client) is there as a backup.
Would I use on it something critical?: no.

If you choose to run it, please release something can always go wrong:

There was a nasty libc6 upload just last week (its resolved now):

Firefox 3 isn't quite ready (issues with plugins). Firefox 2 is there
as an alternative, though.

>  Also, do the kubuntu-kde4-desktop and kubuntu-desktop meta-packages co-exist,
>  or is it one or the other?

Yes, they coexist. I have the the option to run KDE3 or KDE4 sessions from gdm.

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