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Re: [PLUG] Using 'noatime' in fstab?

JP Vossen wrote:
> I read someplace that you can reduce wear and tear on hard drives by 
> including noatime in the mount options.  I already do this for the one 
> system I have using a CF card, but I was wondering about it just in general.
> I have several servers that rsync themselves various places for backups. 
> That means that every time I rsync the entire filesystem, a gazillion 
> atimes are being updated for essentially no reason.  Ditto for the 
> s/locate indexer.  I can't recall ever using an atime for anything 
> (ctime and mtime yes, atime no).
> Can anyone give me a good reason not to do this on some/all of my 
> machines?  All of my machines are ext3, some have H/W EIDE RAID, others 
> have software (MDM) mirroring, some are just plain old hard drives, if 
> it matters.  Most are Debian or Ubuntu but I have a couple of CentOS4 
> boxes too.  And what about for machines in a VM?

it is in my general opinion that for most contexts, atime is absolutely
useless. i'd venture that it really doesn't offer much a benefit (and
yes, it DOES do more wear-and-tear).

two things, though.

1. please please PLEASE don't use ext3 with CF, use ext2 or fat (and
please don't use fat. it's useless). all that journaling can potentially
kill your storage if you're using CF.

2. another really smart idea is to mount /var/log, /var/tmp, and /tmp
(and more as you see fit) as ramdisks. you can do this by adding the
following to fstab:

tmpfs	/var/tmp	none	defaults	0	0
tmpfs	/var/log	none	defaults	0	0
tmpfs	/tmp		none	defaults	0	0

of course, edit to your liking.

hope this helped :)

Brent Saner

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