JP Vossen on 19 Mar 2008 19:38:02 -0700

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[PLUG] Using 'noatime' in fstab?

I read someplace that you can reduce wear and tear on hard drives by 
including noatime in the mount options.  I already do this for the one 
system I have using a CF card, but I was wondering about it just in general.

I have several servers that rsync themselves various places for backups. 
That means that every time I rsync the entire filesystem, a gazillion 
atimes are being updated for essentially no reason.  Ditto for the 
s/locate indexer.  I can't recall ever using an atime for anything 
(ctime and mtime yes, atime no).

Can anyone give me a good reason not to do this on some/all of my 
machines?  All of my machines are ext3, some have H/W EIDE RAID, others 
have software (MDM) mirroring, some are just plain old hard drives, if 
it matters.  Most are Debian or Ubuntu but I have a couple of CentOS4 
boxes too.  And what about for machines in a VM?

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