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Re: [PLUG] the dreaded Wireless Monster<tm>

The SSID not being broadcasted IMHO isn't that important. It's still there and only a minor obstacle to people trying to connect to your network. Passive scanners like Kismet and Wi-FooFum have no trouble detecting hidden SSID's. I wish I had a nickel for everyone who thinks they are being clever by not broadcasting their SSID. I'm not trying to be personal here and this has been covered before, but in the wireless community not broadcasting ones SSID is kind of considered an impotent security measure.  A strong WPA password is a much better deterrent, though some what broken as well.

Your problem lies in the the awful ndiswrapper. I recommend either getting a known compatible PC-Card, Express Card, or order your self a replacement Intel 3945 or 4965 card from Dell. You do have choices when you purchase from Dell you just need to be talking to a person and be persistent. Open that little hidden door and 1 2 3 replace it. Or you can continue to waist your time with a windows driver. For me I have more money than time and it's a no brainer. If you don't consider yourself a hardware person there are step by step instructions /service manuals available on all Dell computers from Dell via their web site. I would also gladly do it for you at any plug meeting just bring the card and the laptop with you.

I don't understand people who purchase a laptop to run OSS on it and then chose to go with a company that either doesn't support it, or has the worst driver support for OSS e.g. Broadcom. In addition their chips are extremely inferior to the competition from a hardware perspective.

If the laptop is new within the first 30 days return it as Dell has a no questions asked(even though they do) return policy and just order it right the next time.

Again nothing personal here as I mentioned earlier I would gladly help you get the right one installed.  :-)

Brian Vagnoni

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