Brian Vagnoni on 22 Mar 2008 15:41:58 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] the dreaded Wireless Monster<tm>

If it is any consolation, I too have a Broadcom Dell 1500 mini-express card in my bag which I replaced with an Intel 3945 card I purchased from Dell's parts department. I did this because of the instability problems with the ndiswrapper and the fact I wanted to do cool stuff like run Kismet and aircrack ...etc. So I too had to learn the hard way.

The hardest part of replacing the card was trying to find out the Dell part number. Dells parts department is a; "parts is parts" department, and if you don't have the correct part number they have no clue as to what you are talking about. I remember ordering an s-video to component video adapter and getting a power supply for their uber high end portable work station. I got the ps at the $16.95 price for the adapter which I kept and just reordered.

I've also orderd heat sink assemblies, video cards, all which I then used to upgrade my laptop.  I went from an 1.6Ghz Intel Core 1, to a 2 Ghz core duo 2, an Nvidia 7800 128mb video card to a 7900 256 mb video card, as well as changing out the WiFI network card. I could have also done the bluetooth 350 card to 355 card all internal devices. I joke with people that I could field strip my laptop and put in back together in the dark I've done it so many times.

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