Brian Vagnoni on 27 Mar 2008 20:48:12 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Memory Question

All KVR Registered DDR400 ECC.  Say dimm's 0 - 7, 2 banks of 4. It's a Tyan S2885 motherboard. Processors 2 AMD Op 270's and are E6 stepping.

Dimms 0 - 5 are 6 sticks x 512mb each giving me a total of 3GB, dimms 6 - 7 are 1gb sticks for a total of 2gb. I think my problem is the following. I will need get 2 more 1gb sticks and replace dimms 4 - 5 with them.

When I go into BIOS and set the E6 stepping hardware memory hole I only get 3888MB showing at bios boot instead of the usual 5120mb. However for a few seconds at bios boot it shows 5998mb then decrease to 3888mb. I think it wants to see at least the same size in the same bank. So 4 x 1gb in bank 1 and 4 x 512mb in bank 0. I think the interweave is also adding to the problem. Setting the MTRR to either discrete, or continuous in the BIOS has no effect on the size of the memory.

Does that make sense & sound like a plan to you?

Brian Vagnoni

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Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Hi All;
> Have a 2GHz 2 x Dual core Op64 running Opensuse 10.3 latest kernel; 64 bit.
> Tyan mobo with 8 slots. I have 6x512 2x1G sticks.
> BIOS report 5GB
> <4>Memory: 4325212k/5242880k available (2053k kernel code, 81632k
> reserved, 1017k data, 316k init)
> But under Suse KDE sysino I get the following:
> Total memory (RAM): 4.1 GB
> Free memory: 2.7 GB (+ 860.0 MB Caches)
> Free swap: 1.8 GB
> Why....? Thanks in advance
> Brian Vagnoni

left out a vital part:

what TYPE of ram, and what layout (which sticks are where).

Brent Saner

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