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Re: [PLUG] Memory Question

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Brian Vagnoni wrote:
| BODY{font:10pt Tahoma, Verdana, sans-serif;} All KVR Registered
| DDR400 ECC.  Say dimm's 0 - 7, 2 banks of 4. It's a Tyan S2885
| motherboard. Processors 2 AMD Op 270's and are E6 stepping.
| Dimms 0 - 5 are 6 sticks x 512mb each giving me a total of 3GB,
| dimms 6 - 7 are 1gb sticks for a total of 2gb. I think my problem is
| the following. I will need get 2 more 1gb sticks and replace dimms 4
| - 5 with them.
| When I go into BIOS and set the E6 stepping hardware memory hole I
| only get 3888MB showing at bios boot instead of the usual 5120mb.
| However for a few seconds at bios boot it shows 5998mb then decrease
| to 3888mb. I think it wants to see at least the same size in the
| same bank. So 4 x 1gb in bank 1 and 4 x 512mb in bank 0. I think the
| interweave is also adding to the problem. Setting the MTRR to either
| discrete, or continuous in the BIOS has no effect on the size of the
| memory.
| Does that make sense & sound like a plan to you?
| Brian Vagnoni

that's certainly a plan to take.

i've heard reports of ecc and dual-core AND 64-bit playing
not-so-nicely together.

i think before everything you should run some stresstests from a
bootdisk and so forth. i'm not convinced it's not something hardware
as opposed to configuration.

has this been a persistent or recent problem?

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