rmsolino on 7 Apr 2008 02:47:39 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Speaking of network monitoring......

jeff wrote:
> I just got one of the Network World emails which stated that network 
> pros spend an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting network 
> problems.  This goes against the data that shows spending increasing for 
> monitoring tools.
> Funny, that.
> I think the article parallels some of my research, in that people either 
> aren't using the right tools or aren't using the tools right.  Or something.
> If this is something we can get into here, what do YOU use?  What do you 
> recommend?  What are the above-referenced folks missing?
We have some Network General sniffers that are begging to be replaced 
with a more open solution.
(we've been getting a disappointing run-around from the vendor (whoever 
owns it now) regarding support).
Is there a similar network analysis tool w/GUI frontend?
I'd also like to play with netflow analysis, but the boss nixed the tool 
we were looking at. recommendations?

> I set up MRTG a while back.  It seems to be good for baseline and 
> historical data.  In addition, there's a bit of freeware (Win/lin) 
> called The Dude, which does everything from discovery to graphical ping 
> and snmp.  I have the output splayed across a 2x2 matrix of 22" monitors 
> so the gang can see the status of the network at any time.  It never 
> fails to impress the hell out of people who are brave enough to enter 
> Area 51 (where MIS lives).
> I'm short one log viewer/analyzer.  As the servers are Windows, I'm 
> having a bit of difficulty finding acceptable solutions.  I'm looking at 
> either platform for the monitor, but prefer linux.  The Win solutions 
> start around $2k, which seems silly.  The lin programs seem to want to 
> convert to syslog and go from there.
> Is there a less complex solution?
we switched to Arcsight, and it seems to everything asked of it.
the web interface is a little too javascripty (anything that interferes 
with a simple cut/paste is bad, guys!)
Idunno what the implementation cost was ...
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