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Re: [PLUG] Speaking of network monitoring......

not sure what you're looking to monitor, i've recently tried zenoss and cacti, stuck with cacti.  easy setup, then once you get the graphs built and organized it seems to work pretty well.


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Date: Monday, April 7 2008 04:48
Subject: Re: [PLUG] Speaking of network monitoring......
jeff wrote:
> I just got one of the Network World emails which stated that network 
> pros spend an inordinate amount of time troubleshooting network 
> problems.  This goes against the data that shows spending increasing for 
> monitoring tools.
> Funny, that.
> I think the article parallels some of my research, in that people either 
> aren't using the right tools or aren't using the tools right.  Or something.
> If this is something we can get into here, what do YOU use?  What do you 
> recommend?  What are the above-referenced folks missing?
We have some Network General sniffers that are begging to be replaced 
with a more open solution.
(we've been getting a disappointing run-around from the vendor (whoever 
owns it now) regarding support).
Is there a similar network analysis tool w/GUI frontend?
I'd also like to play with netflow analysis, but the boss nixed the tool 
we were looking at. recommendations?

> I set up MRTG a while back.  It seems to be good for baseline and 
> historical data.  In addition, there's a bit of freeware (Win/lin) 
> called The Dude, which does everything from discovery to graphical ping 
> and snmp.  I have the output splayed across a 2x2 matrix of 22" monitors 
> so the gang can see the status of the network at any time.  It never 
> fails to impress the hell out of people who are brave enough to enter 
> Area 51 (where MIS lives).
> I'm short one log viewer/analyzer.  As the servers are Windows, I'm 
> having a bit of difficulty finding acceptable solutions.  I'm looking at 
> either platform for the monitor, but prefer linux.  The Win solutions 
> start around $2k, which seems silly.  The lin programs seem to want to 
> convert to syslog and go from there.
> Is there a less complex solution?
we switched to Arcsight, and it seems to everything asked of it.
the web interface is a little too javascripty (anything that interferes 
with a simple cut/paste is bad, guys!)
Idunno what the implementation cost was ...
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