Art Alexion on 8 Apr 2008 08:43:41 -0700

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[PLUG] Lightweight X suggestions

Old Dell PowerEdge 300 server.  Installed ubuntu server.  Not quite sure what 
the purpose will ultimately be, but want the option to administer it with 
VNC, so I need to run X.

I used AfterStep years ago with RedHat 7 and that was OK.  Don't know if its 
in the Ubuntu repos.  I know WindowMaker and xfce are.

I am more interested in the one that delivers better GUI admin tools while 
keeping it as lightweight as possible.

While old, I had tested Novell SLES 10 which comes with Gnome on it, and it 
ran fine, so it can handle heavier weight GUIs, if necessary.

I found xfce to be more heavy weight than powerful.  For example, thunar won't 
do samba unless mounted locally.  To do anything serious, I needed to launch 
something gnome anyway.

Please share favorites and suggestions.

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