Casey Bralla on 8 Apr 2008 13:33:31 -0700

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[PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

I'm gettin' to think I'm going to have to dump Comcast in favor of FiOS.   Recently, 
Comcast started filtering my DNS server.   I run my own authoritative DNS server for 
several of my domains, and all my intranet computers use this DNS server.   

Normally if a DNS server doesn't know an address, it queries the root servers to find 
the correct authoritative server, then queries the authoritative server for the 
address.   Suddenly this past week, this no longer worked.   Addresses queries would 
time out.  This meant no Firefox, no outgoing eMail, ugh! 

I finally tried using the "forwarder" directive in BIND9 and pointed them to Comcast's 
DNS servers.   Voila, everything worked again.   Earlier this year, Comcast started 
filter port 25 which knocked my mail servers of the air.    I can understand filter 
the eMail port, since this is an anti-spam action, but this is all starting to get 

My only concern with switching is will FiOS also start to filter ports too?  And will 
my IP remain static enough to use?

Of course, I could simply upgrade to "business" class of service, but that would at 
least double my monthly costs and my personal financial adviser (aka "Honey" & "Yes, 
Dear") thinks I spend too much bloody money on this "hobby" as it is....

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