Eric on 9 Apr 2008 16:41:23 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Comcast is Messing with My DNS

JP Vossen wrote:

> theory faster.  I attribute at least some of my lack of problems with
> Comcast to the fact that I never used their DNS and that I don't use it
> for much of anything now, and I don't run any servers, or any P2P
> services on it.  When it was my main connection, I did have incoming
> SSH, but on a high, non-standard port to alleviate kiddie door-knob
> twisting.
> My $0.02,
> JP

What do you use as an alternative to Comcast's DNS?  OpenDNS?

I'm a "somewhat-satisfied" Comcast customer but the DNS could be much better.

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