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Re: [PLUG] ponderings on email servers, procmail, and ipod

On Thu, Apr 10, 2008 at 10:32:20PM +0100, Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> I've been pondering paying a couple dollars a month for someone else
> to handle my email.  The advantage is just that I can turn my machine
> off and that I can have greater reliability (i.e., my ISP's quirks
> don't affect me as much).
> I've also been pondering using my ipod touch to read mail when I'm not
> at home.  Sort of like having a personal blackberry, maybe.  I dunno
> if I'll like it or not.  A counter argument is that maybe I like not
> being wired all the time.  I dunno.
> The hitch is that I can't imagine life without procmail between me and
> my email.  For example, I've already received 435 emails today, but
> only seen a dozen or two.  Probably a third were spam and over half
> were list mail of various sorts. That's the way I want it.
> I'm curious how others have handled this and what thoughts this
> arouses from other nerdly folk who like the flexibility of having
> their own server but contemplate doing other things with their free
> time than managing a server.

Well, assuming you're going to have a computer at home at all, you're
going to need to spend some time managing it.  But having said that, I
have to fiddle with qmail so infrequently that on the rare occasions
when I need to, I've generally forgotten how to do it. :)  The only
email chore that occupies any of my time is managing a few mailing
lists, and I'd have to do that anyway even if my mail was being
delivered remotely.


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