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[PLUG] ponderings on email servers, procmail, and ipod

I've been pondering paying a couple dollars a month for someone else
to handle my email.  The advantage is just that I can turn my machine
off and that I can have greater reliability (i.e., my ISP's quirks
don't affect me as much).

I've also been pondering using my ipod touch to read mail when I'm not
at home.  Sort of like having a personal blackberry, maybe.  I dunno
if I'll like it or not.  A counter argument is that maybe I like not
being wired all the time.  I dunno.

The hitch is that I can't imagine life without procmail between me and
my email.  For example, I've already received 435 emails today, but
only seen a dozen or two.  Probably a third were spam and over half
were list mail of various sorts. That's the way I want it.

I'm curious how others have handled this and what thoughts this
arouses from other nerdly folk who like the flexibility of having
their own server but contemplate doing other things with their free
time than managing a server.


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