Claude M. Schrader on 11 Apr 2008 07:20:52 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] ponderings on email servers, procmail, and ipod

On 22:32 Thu 10 Apr     , Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> The hitch is that I can't imagine life without procmail between me and
> my email.  For example, I've already received 435 emails today, but
> only seen a dozen or two.  Probably a third were spam and over half
> were list mail of various sorts. That's the way I want it.
> I'm curious how others have handled this and what thoughts this
> arouses from other nerdly folk who like the flexibility of having
> their own server but contemplate doing other things with their free
> time than managing a server.

one option a lot of people seem to be having good results with is renting a
VPS. This way, you get root access to probably Debian, Suse, or CentOS in
someone else's Xen installation. You get full control, but dont have to
worry about power, bandwidth, cooling, hardware failures, etc. I believe
they start under $20/month for modest bandwidth and storage.

Another option would be to use fetchmail on a Linux box at home to POP
mail from outside mail hosts(s). This way you get full control, and would
have to change very little with your current setup, but wouldnt have to
worry about maintaining port 25 open to the world. You would also gain
the ability to use webmail to check your mail should you suffer a power
or internet disruption.
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