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Re: [PLUG] Bored

On Thursday 10 April 2008 9:53:04 pm Michael Leone wrote:
> jeff wrote:
> > P.S. KDE makes me ill.  If I see one more bouncy pointer, I'll go
> > postal.  Or worse - I'll use Vista.
> Oh, stop. :-) Just turn that part off. Some like that eye candy. (I turn
> it off). The beauty of Linux - head-spinning levels of configurability.

I run Ubuntu (gnome) on an old underpowered box.  I do this because I can, in 
spite of the fact that I have a literal pile of faster machines 10 feet away 
from my desk.  It does not have bouncy things.  This sometimes bothers me 
because I can't tell whether it is taking its time doing what I asked, or 
just refusing me.  The bouncy things tell me KDE is, at least, trying.

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