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Re: [PLUG] KDE install troubles on Debian

Ezra Wolfe wrote:
> Hi all,
> Someone at work installed KDE on a Debian Etch server we use for
> internal development. He ran the install over ssh using apt-get install.
> As soon as the install completed, PHP stopped working, and we could no
> longer access the box using SSH. Unfortunately, the server was located
> offsite and we just got it back to where we could access it directly.
> Can anyone help out with some ideas as to how to start troubleshoot
> this? Thanks in advance!
> Regards,
> Ezra Wolfe

here's a basic process you'll want to follow:

1. smack the insurgent responsible for installing windowing and a DE on
a server. repeat process for it being a development server.

2. a. restore the backup image. DO have a backup, don't you? if
not, continue to b.

b. purge xserver packages, gdm/kdm, everything you can find relating to

3. nmap and telnet the hell out of that box. see what you can find. i
suspect the kde install mucked with iptables.
# route -n
# iptables --flush
to completely clear out iptables (i'm assuming- and hoping- you have a
firewall box in front of the dev box).

4. slap the user AGAIN for installing windowing and a DE on a server.
once more, repeat the process for it being a development box.

5. try accessing the services via the localhost/ loopback
addresses: ssh user@localhost, ssh user@,
(no, don't install a GUI web browser to get to those pages. the Lynx
browser will work just fine from the console. yes, it's in the debian
repositories. yes, you need to do these from the server itself.)

if this doesn't work,
# ps auxf|grep sshd
# ps auxf|grep apache
(assuming you use apache and not lighttpd or the like for your
webserver) and see if the services are actually running.

let us know the results!

brent saner.
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