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Re: [PLUG] web file transfer app ("FTP frontends")

On Sunday 13 April 2008 17:12:40 wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, LeRoy Cressy wrote:
> > Hash: SHA256
> >
> > wrote:
> > > I'd still like to figure out why my firefox is not working and I'm
> > > using the definitely backdated Netscape.  Firefox claims that certain
> > > libraries does not exist when I can see them on the download package so
> > > it won't execute.
> > > bs
> >
> > Try ldd on the firefox executable.  If you are not using the version
> > that is supplied by your distribution you might need to make some
> > symlinks from where firefox thinks they should be and where your
> > distribution has stored them.
> This time I can't find a firefox executable.  Neither firefox nor
> run-mozilla convince my machine that they are executable.
> I suspect that I got a flawed transfer so I went back to
>  The damned thing works on neither Netscape
> 4 where I can't get to a download site nor on the Kfm packaged
> with Suse 7.0.
> Kfm wants me to choose an application fire to run the download
> with.  So far, I've seem to chosen wrong.
> I've got kppp's monitor running right now which showed spikes but
> no real activity until I started typing.
> bs

It sounds like your original problems was probably a missing libc+++ library.  
Try running it again to see which one it is missing.  Both the RPM and deb 
based distros have a meta package with the name of the missing library.

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