Art Clemons on 15 Apr 2008 23:58:54 -0700

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[PLUG] Class 1 Fax Modem & voice

Up until my last ISA board died, I used a Rockwell based ISA modem with 
vgetty/mgetty-sendfax to accept both voice messages and faxes on the 
same phone line.  I was using the same computer to do other things (800 
MHz Athlon)

I'm wondering if anyone can think of a sane method of doing so with a 
class 1 fax modem that also does voice besides of course running in 
Windows.  Class 2 and 2.0 modems are getting scarce and even external 
serial modems like Trendnet's now come equipped only for Class 1 faxing.

Sure I can still receive and send faxes with something like Efax, but 
I've been spoiled by the simplicity of vgetty/mgetty.
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