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Re: [PLUG] wifi in phillie

Now I came to the conclusion that port 22 is blocked because non of my ssh me@host attempts worked.  The process would not end unless I did control-c.  I did this to two separate servers in different geographic locations.  Perhaps the upload speed was so slow that it would have taken a long time to connect before timeout.   I tried four different AP's around Cosi and non-worked!  Went to the apartment where I have my AP and no problems at all.

BTW, I did agree to Cosi's conditions and I was able to surf the web without a problem.

It would nice to have a website that lists which ports are available per public AP :-)

On Wed, Apr 16, 2008 at 3:19 PM, brent saner <> wrote:
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Daniel W. Ottey wrote:
| Sad that they might be blocking outbound port 22.  If this is a home
| server you're connecting to (or at least one you can hop through),
| you could try running your home SSH server on port 443 (or some
| other more common port?) as well.  That is how I get around port 22
| outbound being blocked at my company.
| -- Dan

or set up a VPN, ideally. more secure AND it guarantees you'll get
access to all your ports.

this isn't saying anything against you, ugarit, but i am skeptical
that port 22 was blocked as i've yet to find a SoHo-type AP that does
this. what sort of symptoms did you see that led you to think it is
blocked? did you try to telnet to it?

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