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Re: [PLUG] Hacking the eeePC

Brian Vagnoni wrote:

> Consider the HP 2133 as well.

also. hate to beat a dead horse, but the eeepc's a better deal for your

sure, the HP has a bigger screen for the same price*, but check out the
rest of the specs. uhh, a VIA chip? at 400 mhz?? /really/? only 512 mb
ram? a VIA gfx chip? only 4gb SSD?

are you kidding me?

i'm sorry, but overall that's ridiculous. i'll tell you what you're
paying for with that higher pricetag:

-a VERY SLIGHTLY larger screen, which is really kind of negligible for a
sub-notebook in the first place since it really doesn't add much (i'm
not impressed).

-SuSE license, which most of us wouldn't even use anyway. (bulk of the
extra price)

-standard HP markup (other half of the bulk)

overall, not a good deal if you ask me.

*compared to eeepc 8gb models, which run for $499 as well. per, where i ordered my black galaxy 8gb model.

brent saner.
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