jeff on 19 Apr 2008 16:43:36 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Hacking the eeePC

brent timothy saner wrote:
> sure, the HP has a bigger screen for the same price*, but check out the
> rest of the specs. uhh, a VIA chip? at 400 mhz?? /really/? only 512 mb
> ram? a VIA gfx chip? only 4gb SSD?
> are you kidding me?

Amen, my brother.
Granted, I'm not their target market, but the OLPC/Eeee variants just 
confuse me.  The Via chip takes me back to when it was much cheaper to 
build your own pc and you had a choice of Intel, AMD, or Cyrix.  To me, 
Celery (Celeron) is a dirty word.

The things don't seem to do a lot more than my Treo (with its 4g SD 
card). [if there's anybody else using a Treo sync-ing with linux, please 
contact me]

At least it's not just me this time :)

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