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Re: [PLUG] Linux on a WAP?

Casey Bralla wrote:
> Has anyone tried to put Linux on a Wireless Access Port?   Any comments or suggestions?
> It's time for me to upgrade my ancient WAP and I'd like to have it run OpenWRT or some 
> other version of Linux.

i've done a couple flashes to linksys and buffalo routers, but not to an
actual standalone WAP.. i'd really check openwrt's forums, as there are
a LOT of people there who really know their stuff.

is your WLAN router/switch running linux yet?

(also, i use dd-wrt for some contexts; it has a better web management
gui IMO. the shell access is a little crippled, though, so i don't use
it for everything. just in the instance where someone will want a web gui)

brent saner.
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