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Re: [PLUG] donating computers

[KSB] By way of analogy, "Please don't suggest Linux" is akin to
saying "Please do suggest losing weight" to someone who is obese.
Linux is a solution.  The problem is how to sell it, just as what one
needs to do for an obese person is to figure out how to lose weight.
Also, while there may well be proprietary courseware that the school
is wasting taxpayer money on, I am curious as to what software the
students need for which there isn't equivalent FOSS.

-- Bhaskar

Actually, considering most of the obesity in the United States is due to diet and lack of exercise, suggesting that someone change their life to a more healthful regimen might be appropriate!
As for equivalent software, there is no corresponding  software for Earobics, which is what my wife's kindergarten students use. Unfortunately, there is very little software that runs on Linux that ties into the curriculum. Maybe I should rephrase that. There is none to my knowledge that is age appropriate.  What you might consider too, is  most teachers aren't interested in wading through sourceforge looking for substitutes  for what they've already been assigned  by the district-  lord knows they have enough to do  with lesson plans and  the myriad other things they do "off the clock".
There are individual programs that are promising, "Tux Typing" for one, but there aren't a lot that have been designed by early childhood educators. Find me a "Jumpstart Kindergarten" type of program that doesn't need wine to run- that's she needs. ;^)

Where Linux comes in handy in her situation is when she needs to go onto the internet to show the kids film clips and videos. I can give her a cd with Saybayon mini, she can show the children what she needs to and not worry about anything writing to the drive. It boots, she loads Firefox and it works. For her.

It's about knowing your customers line of business (customer being used in a general sense). I wouldn't try to sell them Vista either.

Getting back to the original subject, if I wanted to donate equipment, I would try to find a technology point person, so your donation wouldn't end up gathering dust.

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