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Re: [PLUG] donating computers

Steve Phillips wrote:
> Quote:
> [KSB] By way of analogy, "Please don't suggest Linux" is akin to
> saying "Please do suggest losing weight" to someone who is obese.
> Linux is a solution.  The problem is how to sell it, just as what one
> needs to do for an obese person is to figure out how to lose weight.
> Also, while there may well be proprietary courseware that the school
> is wasting taxpayer money on, I am curious as to what software the
> students need for which there isn't equivalent FOSS.
> Regards
> -- Bhaskar
> Quote
> Actually, considering most of the obesity in the United States is due to 
> diet and lack of exercise, suggesting that someone change their life to 
> a more healthful regimen might be appropriate!

You must not be overweight ... :-)

> my knowledge that is age appropriate.  What you might consider too, is  
> most teachers aren't interested in wading through sourceforge looking 
> for substitutes  for what they've already been assigned  by the 
> district-  lord knows they have enough to do  with lesson plans and  the 
> myriad other things they do "off the clock".

And you don't need any more reasons that that, really. The real world 
kinda stops you in your tracks, at that point.

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